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Yuri Mechitov. Photo Courses in English

Would you like to bring from vacations not routine snapshots but professional photographs? We hope you have no illusion that purchasing of expensive digital camera can solve all photographic problems. Besides, it is only a perfect tool but one has to know how to use it. But first of all you must learn to SEE.

We will help you to see and create!

Worldwide famous photographer with 25 years of lecture experience Yuri Mechitov invites all zealous persons to his photoschool.

Yuri Mechitov unique courses features:

Informal and smart delivery of knowledge – you remember for life
Breathtaking analysis of yours and not only yours photographs
Joint attendance of all important exhibitions
Journeys all over Georgia in search of the best shot
Participation of your works in final photo exhibition

You can sign up for 10 lessons express course and get basics.
You can sign up for 3 month course and become a master.
You can allow yourself 6 month course, get school certificate and become pro.

Besides you will have new friends, positive emotions and ideas

Program of courses

+(995) 599 56 89 90
Send mail: mechitov50@mail.ru


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1 month course

1. Perception of 3 dimensional world and conventionality of rectangle
2. Eye and photo camera – different vision
3. Exposure time and aperture
4. Lenses, linear and tonal perspective
5. Sensibility of film, matrix
6. Frame, composition, black and color
7. Expo correction, automate and manual modes
8. Natural light, reflectors, landscape shooting
9. Documentary photography
10. Artificial light, studio
11. Portrait in general

3 month course

3 month course Previous topics plus
12. history of photography
13. Flash lighting in and out
14. Importance of color, white balance
15. Shooting for movies, theatre photography
16. Wedding and fashion photography
17. Shooting of flat originals – reproduction
18. Still life
19. Portrait on plain air and in studio
20. Night shooting
21. Advertising photography
22. Digital processing – Photoshop
23. Shooting of bottles and other transparent objects
24. Art and culture
25. Georgian photography
26. World photography

6 month course previous topics plus

3 month practice under the guidance of master
In- depth analysis of home exercises
Creating of your own portfolio
Working with clients
Participation in final joint exhibition

+(995) 599 56 89 90

Send mail: mechitov50@mail.ru

Yuri Mechitov. Photo Courses
Language - English. Location - Tbilisi, Georgia